We digitize your business ethically and inclusively

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We are digital professionals. Our goal is to make the world of work more inclusive and to improve the level of digitisation of companies.

Find out how you can support us.

Make your company more inclusive and gain digital skills

Thanks to Law 68/99, your company with more than 15 employees can enter into an agreement with us and be in compliance with the obligation to hire protected categories. Better Social hires the person on behalf of the company and trains them by providing digital services to the company.



Develop your digital marketing plan

We train to digital professions people with disabilities who with our experts deliver digital services such as implementation of Google ads campaigns, social media management and social advertising, email marketing campaigns or crm management.

We work to make your company more innovative

Together with your team, we help you develop innovation projects based on methodologies such as Design Thinking and Agile. You can innovate your product, your market positioning or your business organization.



We train the people you want to hire in digital professions

We specialize in training people with disabilities in digital professions. If you want to hire a new resource with high-profile digital skills, we can train them for you and support you in bringing this person into the company.